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Frankopan days in Crikvenica 2012

The knights of Zelingradski brought history back to life in the honor of the 600th aniversary of the founding of Crikvenica.

Renaissance fest of count Bernardin

The cooks of count Bernardin prepared various dishes by the original renaissance recipes.

Days of king Zvonimir in Knin 2012

Life at the court of king Zvonimir and queen Jelena, in the biggest medieval fort in this part of Europe.

International Knights' tournament Sveta Helena 2012

The biggest medieval competition tournament in Croatia, organized by the Knights of Zelingrad.

Battle at Samobor 2012.

The reenactment of the 1441 AD battle between the armies of queen Elisabeth Habsburg and the polish king Vladislav Jagelovich, for the control of the hungarian throne.

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